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Partner with Bossage Homes, the premiere Los Angeles County builders, to realize the potential of your home. Bossage Homes welcomes you on a journey of design and building excellence.

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Unique Custom Homes in California

A broad and unique history makes for a unique custom homes

We are with you from design plans, blueprints, throughout the build and landscaping, to the final cohesive design. Our full-service staff will work with you every step of the way.

Being raised in Israel, the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, we were enriched by our exposure to a variety of architectural expression throughout our lives. The foundations of our lives include architectural expression through dynamic and changing materials, styles and purposes. We brought a love of architecture with us when we move to California.  Here we fell in love with its peaceful, positive energy, it was natural to seek out the beautiful architecture and doubled down on the dynamic, modern vibe of this coastal state.

California is a unique area with sprawling communities that were built quickly to accommodate an influx of people drawn here by its weather and jobs. For such a lovely state, many homes previously constructed lack the beauty and individualism that reflect the spirit of the people who reside here. These home construction challenges have given us broad experience in many different types of projects, from home improvement to development.

Partner with the Premiere Los Angeles Design-Build company to realize the transformational potential of your home. Bossage Homes welcomes you on a journey of design and building excellence.

We believe solid, home construction has broad benefits

We are drawn to the transformational potential of a single residence to the joy of the homeowners, and how a design can positively impacts the other homes on the street, and have influence over a community. Realizing this transformational potential of a home design has become our life’s work. We bring to every home our life’s experience and our passion to give you the perfect home of both form and function.

We recognize that you have a choice in choosing a home builder

You’ll find working with us that we greatly value our clients, and provide honest and reliable service, with a keen attention to details. We use luxurious, high-quality materials in pleasing and unique ways to provide a home that matches our client’s desires and needs. Whether your project is large or small, our emphasis is on the planning stage in order to avoid execution issuers during development. This avoids scope creep, keeping sound pricing control on your project. You will not get unfavorable surprises from us.

When it comes to a new design-build, we explore what situational advantage the property holds, find the unique value of the current structure, how it can be enhanced, and what improvements will meet the current needs of the homeowner. We enjoy collaborating with the homeowners, making sure that their lifestyle and needs are accommodated in the architectural design. We prefer taking them on this journey with us as their insights, desires, and hopes for their home unfolds in unique ways during the design-build process.

If you have a home that you would like to build or remodel, we would be honored to meet with you, discuss the project, and discover your vision. You are in safe hands from beginning to end. We handle every part of the design-build, from the foundation, structural framing, plumbing, electric, roofing, landscaping and interior design. Our passion is to join you in a transformational expression of a well-designed home that includes beautiful symmetry and balance in which you will enjoy, rest, recharge and be empowered.